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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're working on our massive update — and making a difference in people's lives

It's been a while since our last blog entry. We've been very busy — hard at work on the major update to our website, adding features and making things clearer based on the input we've received from our members. There's a lot of planning, meetings, programming, writing, artwork (and more meetings) involved with what we're doing! As we move further along we'll post screen captures and more information on Twitter so be sure to follow @servicedog!

From time to time we get short notes of thanks in the form of letters and photos in the regular mail, in e-mail and as direct messages on Twitter. It's always nice to hear from those who need our services and who have benefited from them. We have been putting some of them in the sidebar in this blog but we thought it would be nice to do something more. We're starting a new feature where we will publish some of the wonderful correspondence we get, with permission from the author, in the main part of our blog.

Below is a warm and eloquent letter we received over the weekend...

What an amazing difference this Registry has made in my life. When I became disabled nearly five years ago, I went through all of the grieving processes needed to come to terms with my new way of life. The last thing I care to do, at this juncture in my life, is to have to explain my need for my Service Dog to those questioning her by my side. It seems that if you do not have a "known" disability such as hearing or sight loss, then the general public is less than welcoming of a Service Animal.

Now, I only have to show her Registration number and give the web address of your site and I'm left to do as I may and as I choose and as I need with my Dog ... without the added humiliation of an argument as to whether or not my dog (which, of course means me as well) is allowed to enter places. A truly kind gesture on your part, to offer us this free service, and very much appreciated! Thank you doesn't seem to convey how grateful I am.

— A.M.J.B. Florida